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There's something magical about a real tree.  When we first offered Erko locals the chance to pre-order these gorgeous Christmas trees, they all sold out within weeks!


Our beautiful trees will be back this year, freshly cut and delivered to Erskineville Public School on Saturday 9 December. Order yours now,  ready to collect at the start of the festive season.


Don't forget to order your Christmas tree stand to keep your tree standing tall and looking fresh.


OUR TREES ARE PICKUP ONLY. Order in advance, then come and choose your tree at our pickup day (Saturday 9 December). 

Freshly-cut Christmas trees

PriceFrom AU$95.00
  • What species are the trees? Radiata pine (Pinus radiata) which is Australia's most common Christmas tree variety. It is a hardy tree, which grows well in Australian conditions. Your tree will have been growing nearby for around 4-5 years. 

    Are all the trees the same height? We order trees from our suppliers that are around six foot (180cm). Since trees are a natural prodect, it's not an exact science  – we tend to see a range in sizes between five and seven feet (150-210cm).

    How can I get the pick of the bunch? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A specific tree cannot be reserved, but the earlier you arrive on collection day (from 8am) the broader the selection you will have. 

    How do I recycle my Christmas tree? City of Sydney Council offer a free pre-booked pickup of organic garden waste, including Christmas trees. Check your local council website to see if they offer the same. Recycling your real Christmas tree is important because you will ensure it does not go to waste by ending up in landfill. Your real Christmas tree can be used as a fantastic source for mulch, which is used to protect and nurture soil.

    What’s the environmental impact of cutting down a tree for Christmas? When you buy a Christmas tree that’s freshly cut, you’re doing your fair share of helping the environment as they are renewable and recyclable. For every tree that is harvested, three seedlings will be planted. For the four or five years they grow they will be absorbing carbon dioxide.

  • A tree stand (also available for purchase) is the best way to keep your tree supplied with fresh water to keep it looking great.

    Refresh the tree by making a straight cut across the base, taking 2cm off the stump before you place it into a stand with water. This simple measure will better enable your real Christmas tree to absorb sufficient water to maintain its freshness.

    Place the Christmas tree in a Christmas tree stand and top up the stand with water each morning. If the water drops below the base of the trunk, the trunk may seal itself and not be able to absorb water and the stump will need to be cut again.

    If you do not wish to put your tree up immediately, store it in a cool place out of wind and sun in a bucket of water. Place the tree away from sunlit windows, other heat sources as this will dry out your tree prematurely. 

    If properly cared for your Christmas tree should look and smell beautiful for up to 4 weeks.

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